The Roller

I am a Black woman married to a Mexican man. There are very few times within our 12 years together that this bit of information has played any real significance. The fact that we are of two different races seems about as meaningful as the fact that my eyebrows are thin and his are thick. That being said, I am never more aware of the differences in our genetic make-ups as I am when it comes to hair.

The fact is, whether relaxed, natural, jheri curled (please don’t), braided or weaved, Black hair just requires some tools and procedures that may seem pretty wacko to the uninformed. Husband and I began cohabitation VERY early in our relationship (again…sorry, Mom). Suffice it to say I was a little nervous to break out my stationary bonnet drier and magnetic rollers just days after moving in with my young spikey-haired Latin boyfriend. So I did what any self-deprecating college girl would do and strategically planned all my hair care dealings for times when he wouldn’t have to witness them. I came to my senses about 6 months in (ok, maybe 2 years) and finally said screw it, this is me pinning 16 hard plastic cylinders in my hair. And when I’m done, I’m going to sit under this 8 lb machine that looks as if it will beam me up to Mars. Oh, and don’t try to talk, sit next to me or hear the television while I’m under here cause it’s about to get real loud and real hot.

I’m not sure how I expected him to react. But I sure wasn’t expecting him to like it. Like, really like it. Who knew? Well apparently, he’s not the only one to get sucked in by the allure of the hair roller. The image below was taken at Stephan Pelger’s 2012 runway show (Berlin Fashion Week) which featured a team of models sporting heads full of big curlers. And the image below that was taken in my living room on Tuesday just before beaming myself up to Mars.

model rollers


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  • I love this post. Thanks for sharing!

    (..and I completely feel you!)ReplyCancel

    • larami

      Thank you, Eboni! Glad someone can relate 🙂ReplyCancel

  • How I loved this one, Larami. What is revealed is always so much more powerful than what is presented, no? Hugs.ReplyCancel

  • Kenya

    This post was too cute…and too true! But rollers on the runway? Stop. LolReplyCancel

    • larami

      Yeah, I thought it was a bit of a stretch as well. Thank you for reading!ReplyCancel

  • nastasja

    I love this post! I love ur rollers to!ReplyCancel

    • larami

      Thanks, Stash. I will gladly pass them along to your little beauties one day :).ReplyCancel