Old Soul::Houston Twin Photographer

As I type, I have at least a hundred images to edit and even more dishes to wash, but as I was skimming through the shots from today’s Bluebonnet Sessions this particular image stopped me dead in my tracks. From the moment I began photographing other children as a means of income, I’ve been torn between pleasing the parents of said children and pleasing myself as an artist (which still feels really silly to say). For obvious reasons (my kids need to eat), I put the parents’ desires first and make sure to get the “money shots” before anything else. But it takes a great deal of self control to stop myself from filling my card with images like the one below. I stared at this picture for nearly 10 minutes-not admiring any skill or talent it may have taken to capture it, but in awe of the beauty of a truly candid black-and-white photograph. I read a quote once that translated to the fact that to take a color picture is to photograph clothing, but to take a black-and-white picture is to photograph the soul. In all my time photographing twins (including my own), I’ve found that in most cases there are two very different personalities present, many times one of which being what I refer to as an “old soul”. I hate to be biased, but they are my absolute favorite to work with. Now I could be completely off base here, but I’m pretty sure the beauty below is the old soul of the pair. Either way, the camera loved her and so did I.


Linda, I promise you have many color images and big smiles coming your way. Just had to share this one for me:) Thank you guys for being such a hoot to work with. You have a beautiful family.

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